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Since 1957

"A garment is not worn, it is lived".

The family Tintes Egara

Tintorería Egara was founded in Terrassa in the mid-1950s, at the height of one of the most fruitful periods for the industrial, economic and social development of the city. From that time onwards, the textile sector underwent a notable expansion and evolution... Among them: THE DYEING INDUSTRY.

Three founders created this innovative concept: Joan Rodó and Ignasi Galobart, who came from the laundry sector, and the third of the partners, Francesc Bové, Galobart's brother-in-law, an expert in wine marketing. The latter, in 1957, proposed a revolutionary idea to Ignasi Galobart and Joan Rodó: to dedicate themselves to dyeing. And that was the first step in the beginning of Tintorería Egara.
In June 1983, Armand Galobart, Ignasi Galobart's son, came into action.

Trained as a lawyer, he took several postgraduate courses in business management and a course in textile finishing at the UPC.
In 1984, Tintorería Egara restructured and changed its name to what we know today: Tintes Egara. It was then that work began on a pioneering and different line, more oriented towards design and scientific research. The company's motto was to prioritise the final image of the garment, using more modern and casual styles and designs. Tintes Egara completely changed the direction of its designs, and began to develop trendy colours and innovative and groundbreaking processes.


These are the techniques we use to give life, authenticity and personality to our garments. No garment is the same as the previous one, they are all made differently, which makes them unique and unrepeatable pieces.
At Tintes Egara we make made-to-order garments, that is to say, made and adapted exclusively for you, through a combination of mechanical and manual production.

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The family Tintes Egara


TONI - Logistics manager

"Tintes Egara is like a family. It's a nice and friendly atmosphere.”

MARI - responsible for samples department

"I am very happy, I love working at Tintes Egara. Every day is a learning experience for me."

MIRIAM - dyer and artist

"Working at Tintes Egara is everything. I was almost born here... They have always put their faith in me and they treat me very well."


"For me, working at Tintes Egara is a totally new and beautiful experience".


"I have been working at Tintes Egara since 1991. I love this job because there is something new to learn every day, and it feels like a family.”

We want to change the world... and only with a good team we can do it.

Are you coming on board?