Collection destined to the casual-wear, covering all the options of the market from the ethnic t-shirt, surf t-shirt to the heavy metal t-shirt...

Artic Dyes

In this process, an attempt is made to convey the image of a garment seen through a thin layer of ice, produced during the night by humidity and temperature drops. It remains on the surface of the fabric in a regular way, maintaining the original colour of the garment in the lower part of the seam and the thicknesses of the garment.

Project Italy

This collection has been handcrafted with natural products for a special feel and perception. Unique cotton garments inspired by Italian landscapes.

Health Dyes

As we all know, there are different ways of administering medication: orally, intravenously... Nowadays, the technique of absorption of medicines through the skin is used and this is what has made us reflect on the reason for the progressive and constant increase of allergies in the population in the last century; if we analyse it, we will see that it has a clear concordance with the increase in the use of synthetic dyes.
In this "Health Dyes" collection we are applying 100% natural organic dyes to benefit the health of the person wearing these garments, along with the health of our planet.
As they are natural fabrics dyed with natural dyes, they are 100% biodegradable and biocompostable.


These are some of the new ideas for the Tye & Dye t-shirt line, cotton t-shirts with eco-sustainable processes. Practically handmade processes to achieve unique garments.

Iron Wash

Different garments from the Iron Wash collection.


Different garments made for the Clochard collection.

Special processes

Different garments, unique and unrepeatable obtained through different processes of Tintes Egara.