Our History

Tintorería Egara was founded in Terrassa in the mid-1950s, at the height of one of the most fruitful periods for the industrial, economic and social development of the city. From that time onwards, the textile sector underwent a notable expansion and evolution... Among them: THE DYEING INDUSTRY.

Two of the partners who founded the company, Joan Rodó and Ignasi Galobart, already came from the world of laundry and were familiar with the business. The third of the partners, Galobart's brother-in-law, came from a different branch of the wine trade. In 1957, he proposed to Ignasi Galobart and Joan Rodó to make a capital contribution and start dyeing. These were the beginnings of the company, Tintorería Egara.

In June 1983, Armand Galobart, Ignasi Galobart's son, joined the company. Trained as a lawyer, he took several postgraduate courses in business management and a course in textile finishing at the UPC.

In 1984, Tintorería Egara underwent a restructuring and changed its commercial name to Tintes Egara. It began to work on a line more oriented towards design and scientific research. The company's motto was to prioritise the final image of the garment and it began to work on different, more modern and casual styles. We started to develop trendy colours and innovative processes.

In 2016, Ignacio Galobart, industrial engineer and son of Armand Galobart, joined the company as production manager, previously specialising in different textile sectors, from a tanning company located in Spain, managing and optimising a piece dyeing plant in Bangladesh and managing sales in Northern Europe from England.

In 2018, Álvaro Arrebola joined the company with a background in HR, son-in-law of Armand Galobart, occupying the position of financial director of the company.